More Biological Demonstrations

Demonstrations by other faculty


Steve Hines, Washington State University

"Why do spleens get big?"

Steve Hines Demo 082412 from BCU @ WSU CVM on Vimeo.


The Learning Objectives pdf can be seen here.


Richard Losik, Harvard

(videos take a few moments to load)



Faculty Workshops


May 2008 ASMCUE Conference Resources:

  • A blank demonstration development handout can be downloaded here.
  • The demonstration activities created at the conference are available here.

  • An activity modified for use in our large lectures (antiparallel nature of DNA): available here.





Undergraduates building Demonstrations:

Creating the demonstrations requires a high level of understanding. We are encouraging interested undergraduates to make them as well.


Students can choose to build biological models and present them during the lecture:





Creating Animated Demonstrations

A person with a moderate level of computer skills can create an animated PowerPoint show that demonstrates a biological principle. Using TechSmith's Camtasia Studio, that Powerpoint can be turned into a video. During Winter 2007, two upper-division undergraduates used the creation of animated demonstrations to better understand topics like membrane gradients, membrane potentials, and immunofluorescence.





These videos are also posted to our HHMI-UCI Program YouTube Channel for students to view.


We are writing up this experience of creating PowerPoint/Camtasia videos, and a summary is available here.